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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter in the garden...............

Today is Winter solstice. The first day of Winter.
 photo 9bf5c9e0-a17f-4a67-8e78-06e42f26752a_zpsfb9a2c15.jpg
My garden is sleeping under a blanket of snow. It's already deep. It will be a long winter I think.
The pine trees are beautiful and where they lay on the ground they provide a warm place for the bunnies out of the wind.
 photo 05e4d508-a879-44ef-8314-dfeb0e58659a_zps3e5df4af.jpg
The sky is so blue on this day.
 photo d1238037-b25a-4beb-a7b8-83127e559f45_zps053935cc.jpg
Beautiful sky and white white snow.
 photo 604b5bda-d6a4-400b-8971-7957c76e632e_zpsc8c0ba01.jpg
My street has a lot of snow, and everything is covered and clean for today.
 photo 9a06aa05-7597-4453-8f08-fc56a915e1e8_zpsc6b3d338.jpg
My garden is asleep.
 photo 2162d7b4-225a-4370-963d-6720bd3e0c17_zpsee69a376.jpg
My porch is in winter mode now
 photo ffcf4bcd-c025-4640-8958-75e86616be9c_zps7927814a.jpg
Tristen is enjoying shoveling snow, and making pathways out the back. His play house is covered in snow now. Its been so cold he does not stay out long. He takes his trucks out and comes back with them full of snow, yup, my floors are full of snow and I keep a mop by the back door for now.
 photo de9ae17e-4953-4b44-ba89-08873588d855_zps8d7f27a0.jpg
Yes it is beautiful, but I look forwards to Spring. This is just the beginning.

 photo 0b8c5151-e3a1-4e24-aeed-e99f054139a9_zps2daf9468.jpg
Happy Winter Solstice...........


Merlesworld said...

It all looks lovely and cool.

Magic Love Crow said...

Happy Winter Solstice ;o) Around your house outside looks magical! Truly a winter wonderland ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I hope you had a lovely Christmas. We had just enough snow on Christmas Eve to make Christmas white, but not enough to make driving hazardous.