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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Countryside in October...........

What a beautiful day for October. A beautiful day for any time of the year really. We took a drive out to a local farm market. Gallaghers. Since having Tristen with us we have enjoyed going there. He loves the animals but likes the activity more.
 photo b8ebaadf-8d66-4fb6-8459-3bb7f3e955fa_zpsfb4f598d.jpg
Driving by orchards still laden with fruit.
 photo ee29958b-abfd-4312-8426-98d8a8dea5e0_zps32ad7b57.jpg
 photo 5025ff31-f65a-4a15-aee8-bfa62b941a84_zps32bee9c6.jpg
The signs of Autumn
 photo 69c160e4-880b-410f-998d-3bfe02f410d7_zpsb7aff812.jpg
My favourite tree
 photo 865e429f-2f29-43cc-87f1-3385f2993f5a_zps507f887b.jpg
Some lovely farms
 photo 0b7a38ab-4da9-487f-90c7-a30f8959d5dd_zpsbb606e79.jpg
The Sunflowers are all done, but this kind was still happy and blooming
 photo d6ea08e1-3d27-4b88-9ae1-86e7881b7340_zpsc3ad0d97.jpg
Lovely Oak leaves
 photo 02a6fcb5-6a73-426d-94a7-3adcf3ace1eb_zps8aed2ed4.jpg
The beach was beautiful, quiet and warm. Gentle waves washing up stones. Didn't have time to look for pretty ones so just took pictures for today
 photo 893e9cd4-c349-4e7c-973d-850bcbfd8384_zps0fe1eeb8.jpg
 photo 72c00e80-77ef-4aea-a25b-29aba85272bc_zpse400f869.jpg
Maple leaves are dramatic
 photo b71dd502-4cc0-4a97-81b1-918ee9409a24_zps62206fc2.jpg
 photo 8aaace7e-7c23-44b4-8f07-c1fa8801e161_zps050bf47c.jpg
We met a cute little bug
 photo 19e847b8-7cea-460d-bdff-e81b08e21608_zps0483974e.jpg
The colours are not at the peak yet so I hope we don't loose a lot before they all drop. I would like another weekend out getting pictures.

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Loredana Donovan said...

Beautiful Autumn colors! I love farmer's markets. Those apples look delicious :)