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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Garden Gates.......

I love history and so the past will always appeal to me. With that in mind I want to share some beautiful entrances to gardens. They are not my pictures, I found them on the web. They all evoke that mystery, the wonder of what may be beyond the gate or door to that particular garden................this sort of goes along with my secret garden blog.

Imagine buying an old house and then while exploring the gardens you go through some bushes and find this in front of you.......stones so old they are covered in moss and lichens.

Ivy grows along the walls and you wonder what lies beyond. Is it locked? or is it open..............This gate on the other hand lies open and welcoming to the open spaces beyond. It looks like it has been open for some time.


This gate though is tightly closed, it is maintained and pristine. Not at all welcoming. Yet the mystery is there.......what is on the other side?


More modern gates can give the same feelings, either welcoming, mysterious or unwelcoming and closed.
No secrets here........

This one is open and friendly looking

Its not just the gate, but they all have character and the feeling that they are well loved and maintained.



Come on in and stay awhile............enjoy the rest of the blog if you care to....choose your gate.

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Hitchhiker42 said...

I like the 4th picture with the pink roses over the gate. We're going to do something like that when we build our house in Connemara. My fiancee' is a big fan of the Eden climbing rose. I think that's what we're going to plant.