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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Herbs, wild and cultivated............

I was reading about Red Clover and the idea of making tea with it. I like that idea. I also read someone made Red Clover jelly. I am thinking this year I will keep my eyes open for that and also Dandelions. I used to have a dehydrater and I got rid of it because I never used it. I always liked this idea, just never followed through with it. Such a waste really. Laura and I are always out in the fields on the old farms so why not go gathering. Yes that's the ticket. New goal for this year.
 photo RedClover_zps1h95gyb4.jpg
I used to collect clover back when I had bunnies and horses. Didn't think about eating it myself. My old horse loved clover. So as it is sweet tasting(yes I have tasted it) why not make good use of it and why didn't I think of it before?
 photo Red-Clover-19_zpsu8m40zpe.jpg
So I need to tell Laura we have a new mission this year.
 photo Red-Clover-Tea_zpsyh2bf2qi.jpg
That brings me to Dandelions. I already know I love the Dandelion greens. I already know I have a load growing around my garden. So, why the waste. I never let Gerry mow (not that he often wants to) before the flowers have gone to seed. Trouble has always been that they grow mostly by the road and when the winter snow has gone there is a real mess under it. Well, also the salt from the road. So what we need to do is wash it down with the hose sooner and clean off the area before they grow.I let it grow too because it is one of the first foods for the awakening Bees. OK I need it to be Spring there is so much to do.
 photo dandelions_zpsaf51dtvx.jpg
I love Dandelions. They are as pretty as Mums, just look at that flower. The Dandelion clocks are pretty too so why the fuss. I let them grow. I do pull them out of my garden when they are done flowering if they grow where I don't want them just like anyone else I don't want.So I promise myself this year I will pick the leaves, I will use them in salads and in mashed potatoes and as greens somewhat like spinach.
 photo 12286855_f520_zpsvlxtzfiz.jpg
Apparently we can use the root as well, so why is this not cultivated, why do we let our hatred (many many hate Dandelions) of them blind us of their many uses. SO, this year why not. I hope I remember haha. So.......
 photo DandelionPetalTea_zpsa9zyzmqr.png
I intend to see what else is out there to gather while we are out. Last year we picked some pears and apples from the old farms. It's sort of funny how used to perfection we have become, where it seems distasteful to eat the fruit from unsprayed trees. I mean, you know, worms and all that. Still for things like apple sauce it would be perfect made from wild (its wild now) fruits. We would not pick too many because the deer need them and I don't know how lawful it is to pick on State lands. We will find out though.
I have read about a few other wild plants that I can identify, and that's the thing, be sure you know what you are picking. Also be sure it has not been sprayed. The Plantain is one
 photo plantain-healingearthfarmDOTblogspotDOTcom_zps2hmrpnv8.jpg
This guy grows all over too. So my next thing is to find out how to use these two that I am not so familiar with.
 photo Edible-Weeds-Pursulanr_zpsa556rbuh.jpg
So there we go. What ya think, do you think Laura might go for this, become "gatherers" for the summer and Fall. Well Spring too but the weather is always iffy in the Spring. I also know I can eat Violets and I sure have enough of those growing right in my garden.
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Connie said...

I remember my grandmother having a small section of yard fenced off with chicken-wire . . . this was her Dandelion green bed. No spray, no dogs, nothing was allowed in there except Grandma when she was picking her favorite greens. She just let them grow freely within her little fenced garden.

Unknown said...

Great read. The broad leaf plantain can be cooked like spinach, young leaves have a milder taste the older leaves can be bitter. Plantain also have a medicinal use too, it can be used to dry poison ivy rashes. Purslane the succulent plant is full of nutrients, it can be tossed with salad greens, snacked on as is, even as a soup thickener like ocra. Purslane has a citrus/lemon flavor and is best picked before it seeds. Food is your Alchemy. Happy gathering!

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Janice..
cute love the fun post..
Springy :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post Janice! Truly great post! The last two plants, I have a lot of too! And, I let my dandelions grow as well! Anxious to hear and see what you do! Big Hugs!