This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

close ups.........

I do so love getting close up shots. Its amazing what details lie within a flower. I took Tristen for a stroll up the ally. I took pictures of things I found beautiful
These tulips growing in Bud's garden. Lovely colour
 photo aee13ddc-3dca-4c48-b6ae-64a6acbe98e5_zps0f1e361f.jpg
No idea what this is but at first I thought it was a Tillium but its not
 photo 9a8ed0bb-81d7-43fa-9659-d15cdb348303_zps2897061a.jpg
Beautiful colour this Iris........
 photo c6b104f5-29db-41fa-b702-e407f19584c9_zps21b733df.jpg
The money plant has a lovely colour
 photo 4f96769f-515f-488c-ab18-263e43ed9854_zps0570b338.jpg
The close up on this begonia brings the colour out perfectly
 photo 4a026fe3-1612-451b-a863-16049d756ef0_zps068f1e64.jpg
Along the ally is a horse barn, back from the days when horses were kept in town. When we moved into this house we were told the old lady had the windows in the sitting room cut down short so she didnt have to look out on the horse mess outside. Its nice to see some of the barns still intact
 photo ffb3ab53-ecb8-4b95-8c6e-4f29e9798768_zpsd809821f.jpg
The blossoms are beautiful
 photo 727ad748-bd6d-437b-81c8-efe107c925a5_zps3dfb210f.jpg
 photo 36d9f193-2a7c-475e-ae2a-5a383713a80c_zpsf0f9bbe2.jpg
There are many beautiful things in the gardens along the ally. I will have to go again another day.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

My Fish.....

I have been sitting outside enjoying the cool sun. I was sitting by the pond. Well, I have put two glass balls in there, the kind that you fill with water and stick in a plant. I didn't want them for that reason and as the stems tend to break, well I put them in the pond.
 photo 09bbd7bc-adfc-4f3d-a8c5-25bf8c07b3ae_zps03150ea8.jpg
Well as I sat there, I began to take notice of the fish. They were playing.
 photo 4204b56b-99f4-4a84-be78-eb504061982f_zpsb2129235.jpg
At first I didn't understand what they were doing, but the biggest one kept flipping the stem of the ball with his tail. It made it move.
 photo c4a4357a-976c-40f5-8892-396e70ea2b4f_zps217542a9.jpg
Then I began to watch more careful and I could see that they were all 3 of them pushing the balls with noses and flipping them with tails. The balls would move around the pond and back together again.
 photo 06188afb-5155-4795-9072-d28d7e4f72af_zps4e31281a.jpg
I cant believe the pictures came out so clear. I wasn't able to catch them in the act but still..........
 photo 58584164-cdc1-4278-8421-3a0e85edc9b5_zps3ca56192.jpg
Anyway my fish have done well, they survived a bad winter, a long winter. I think keeping the pump running so the water kept moving helped. They grew larger during the winter unbelievably.
 photo 51ce7915-53cb-4b77-aab7-a0036c1daa96_zps25618f9f.jpg
I started off with a tank full of goldfish that I brought in during the first winter. That worked well. They got eaten by some critter or other. Those all had names. The next batch had names too. They died because I messed up and put water from the hose in the pond, I forgot it had fluoride in it.
Then last year I got these 3. There were 7 to begin with and at the end I thought there were only two survivors. Come to find out there are 3 and they get along well. I sure hope they are smart and stay alive. They have places to hide. I put a 1/2 bird bath top in there and it makes them a cave.
 photo 4d577024-ff03-4887-9012-e620dfde34a2_zpsae6f6e94.jpg
So if I can keep Boots the cat away and no Raccoons come around, if these guys survive summer I may name them. They also love to jump over the water that comes out of the pump. I can not believe how playful they are.They are happy fish.

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In the Garden again......

Oh the joy of being outside. It was still a bit nippy today. I did get all the things potted that had to be. I also finished the weeding. Tomorrow I have to get a few things in the ground. That means digging, while digging I must get the borders straight. It should be a bit warmer tomorrow. That means I better get out there early. It was warm in the sun today but cold in the shade. Still a chance of frost tonight. The weather person said this should be the last of it. I am not going to cover stuff again.
 photo d0d3d406-ac90-452a-9579-ddc14d30f3f3_zps82a10cd8.jpg
Here are a few pictures from today. The Geranium came out nice I thought. Here is a Trillium still blooming, the sun makes it look so pretty.
 photo 137aef85-1f36-461d-a393-7c19770b9a8d_zpsab20316e.jpg
I have weeds in my garden. These are so pretty I just leave them and cut them back when they are done flowering. They are as pretty as anything I grow on purpose. Why not leave them?
 photo 34e38be7-61bf-4f39-b2fd-98489c32922f_zps42121482.jpg
I also leave the Dandelions and cut them before they go to seed. However they too have their own beauty. Every child enjoys a Dandelion clock
 photo 4e96d075-dc2c-4ca4-9d46-3b20572ba2bc_zps9d339fbe.jpg
I have often used old chairs in the garden. This one has no seat and so a piece of board holds the planter. Why waste a good chair by throwing it away.
 photo 97214c39-5173-41aa-a12e-c740f3cb8bff_zps04226deb.jpg
This next idea is using some old plates as bird baths. I had several of the stands around, normally used for plants. Some old ones had to be painted but turned out nice. I used those on the deck.
 photo 8dff3c1c-4ae6-458f-94c7-a2fe85ca2bf6_zpsfb6bec56.jpg
This little cart is home made. I bought it many years ago at a garage sale. It's sort of delicate now, but it still makes a pretty planter.
 photo 3a1044b3-263f-4823-9f23-7b00e31e6665_zps442ed244.jpg
Mrs Blue Jay is still on her nest. I check on her now and then. She does not trouble to move brave girl. She knows I hope that I wont hurt her. I have fed them all winter. I think I deserve a photo.
 photo 517d3691-a550-4658-bef7-87061c9df604_zpsddbebcdd.jpg
My fish is getting big. There are still 3 remaining fish. Just the right amount for the pond.
 photo 652c3e1d-9e55-47fb-93d7-9b3aecc65b2d_zpsd5ab0cc9.jpg

Wild Honeysuckle.
 photo 2dbcae0f-7f12-4b13-89c1-17cbee29dfa5_zps5406a1e9.jpg

Tomorrow I dig. I have several Day lilly and an Iris to plant I will have more pictures too I hope.
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Still raining.....

Some more pictures from was still raining today and so I didn't go outside today. I cant believe they are saying that we may have a freeze tonight or tomorrow night. That means bringing in plants again. What a pain.
 photo c83e763b-d237-4d2c-a815-e9c50ea4281d_zpsf35b513f.jpg

I am putting in some more lillies and will be buying some more day lillies. Loved these close ups
 photo 8d0a56cb-5691-44b5-8df7-8caf2e5f471c_zpsbe4445e4.jpg
I put in some more daisies. I am hoping they like where I put them.
 photo 4fdfaff0-59ce-4478-96b6-5e06b3c154fc_zps2d2f2122.jpg
MY Lavender out by the road died off this year. I think it got too much snow piled on it and it just could not take it. One in the garden is doing OK so far. Anyway, bought a new one and will put that in a pot near the house. Should stay warmer. We shall see
 photo f0c1d043-5d7c-41fd-97f1-e40ba1ba5c44_zps882a30c2.jpg
Thought this was pretty, have to bring it inside for the winter. I bought a pink and an orange one. Pink is in a pot and the other in ground. Will see who grows best.
 photo 746f6a14-728f-4dc3-9c6f-1892a5f65235_zpsbeff0949.jpg
 photo 50089fa1-352b-4dd5-8023-56cb75183027_zps26133b1f.jpg
I also could not resist this lovely white Iris.
 photo a1edc4ac-ac8a-4e15-9368-ef9fd539cb5c_zps74b16e2e.jpg
I dont buy a lot of annuals anymore. I buy things I can take inside to winter over or else I buy perennials. I can't afford to waste the money. I do like just a few annuals though. I usually invest in some Geraniums because they last very well all year and maybe just a few petunias, I like the wave petunias. Generally though I have perennials even in my containers now. Lots of Hosta's they do so well in tubs.
 photo 6db8ca74-873b-4e7a-9695-fd4951041e5a_zps6d1157f7.jpg

The Hosta do so well in the tubs and come up quicker than those in the ground. Some I have on the deck steps and I plant those in the Fall. Can never have too many Hosta
 photo 6110d092-736a-446d-94f4-4b3e7af0e6f3_zps7d527c32.jpg
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

After the rain............

It has rained again today. I caught this Grackle out looking for grubs in my grass. Seems he was a success.
 photo afb328d3-e996-4ed4-91c8-3b641d8cb722_zps272af114.jpg
Such a pretty bird, but he has a mean look about him with his intense eye and sharp beak. Across the alley I found some lovely blossoms. I don't know what it is but I had to get some pictures. Then next to that the man opposite my garden has lovely Tulips growing. A few different from last year. He plants all his flowers in rows for some reason. Maybe he sells the bulbs?
 photo ba75107b-b199-4111-b214-38564f85a5de_zps932ca803.jpg
 photo 8b3802bd-533b-4284-8e34-2360f2af0de1_zps0aede80f.jpg
 photo df35bb2f-ff79-4cbf-a521-49492feddaa8_zps3622a741.jpg
He also has a nice crop of Rhubarb. Next will be his Iris, he has all colours of those too.
 photo 6a5be8ad-3083-408d-866a-c28570fa0c40_zps432af087.jpg
Meanwhile, back in my garden.....the blossoms on my crab apple tree are popping.
 photo 731b716f-066d-4f4e-9237-333b1b058a76_zps2bf5119c.jpg

 photo cc22a2c4-5979-4ac5-932f-a8a5d332a94b_zps9b2e7ee1.jpg
 photo cb4b87fa-fc1f-4ebf-b890-cd648afc668a_zpsf9edf6a2.jpg
The tree has two parts to it. One has white blooms and the other half is pink.
 photo 21cd6a49-18a3-4935-b937-a58be5871947_zpsc81e1d66.jpg
The Lilac is beginning to bloom as well and looks so pretty with some of the flowers being only half open.
 photo 420ce1ad-f6c8-42bd-a49d-f7bdcf594565_zps727ae507.jpg
 photo 7c2e56a7-3bd3-4ecc-b138-8da2066985a8_zps2fd517e5.jpg

 photo 8876552c-1088-485c-b946-4b42c83dd9f8_zps8a543ce4.jpg

Wild Geranium, it only has a couple of flowers at the moment but it looked so pretty.

 photo 2616e8b5-ff68-4c4e-8c17-a7cdfd047627_zpsf561dc2c.jpg
I have so many pictures that I will save some for tomorrow.
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Saturday, May 18, 2013


I am going to show more beautiful bluebell pictures from people who have sent me shots they have taken and shared with me. This lovely painting to begin with.
 photo 7eb7b9af-9b4b-43d7-9336-be89a05c9367_zps45ee5f49.jpg
Enjoy some lovely scenes, and some wonderful pictures used by permission.
 photo 9aedbdd1-4b80-4e2f-bffd-d5d6f0521e32_zps57f30cdb.jpg

I would love to walk through here

 photo 9079fd5c-83bf-4f5a-add4-372ff070813f_zps6d20318c.jpg

 photo 305844_153007761541545_252605460_n_zps2395df6f.jpg

 photo 941758_377610985689953_2005268134_n_zpse696cfbd.jpg

 photo 941383_10151507402413500_1217730603_n_zps3955283a.jpg

 photo 2a6a66dd-9694-459f-87cb-1215537ca588_zps1d4ba3f6.jpg

 photo bd148aa5-26ad-4bda-bd73-3a490b70c644_zps150c53e5.jpg

I hope you enjoyed some wonderful shots you can see more on my Facebook page Bluebell Woods.
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