This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Outside at last.................

I really should have stayed home and worked in the garden. It was such a lovely day on Saturday. It felt so good to be able to go for a drive. Laura and Reina came with us, that is Gerry, Tristen and me. We have waited so long for this and the kids were so happy to be out. "How long, how long, when will we be there" says Tristen. We decided to go towards Empire. There is a walk that seemed just about the right length considering the kids. It's called Windy Moraine. Off we go
 photo 6861ac0d-2c86-4ec1-a900-c45860511caf_zps513a1ed1.jpg

On this post I will talk about what I saw in the woods and then do another post on Bluebell Woods, about the walk itself.
There are so many things popping into life after a very very long winter. In parts we were still walking through snow. The day was perfect in the high 60s, it was windy....Windy Moraine. what would you expect. What I loved was the sound of the wind in the tops of the trees, down where we were walking was calm and warm.
Here are some pictures of new life springing through the dead leaves from the Fall............moss, up close is beautiful.
 photo 25cea370-d3f5-4cb7-99b6-ee87cbb37848_zpsb5d495be.jpg
 photo 208c1937-6980-42cb-96bc-0a99eab2fea2_zpsb3770a68.jpg
Fungus.........also very beautiful. A fairy land. The dead wood provides new life, nothing in nature is wasted.

 photo 4b8ecab5-171a-4ed4-8151-4f3d91388010_zps7592f75a.jpg
The green shoots are wild garlic/onions. You can smell them as you walk through the woods.
 photo 4b220457-9b58-4c1f-9ed3-4771c3c5365d_zpsf97bb5a3.jpg
The Silver Birches are beautiful against the sky
 photo 103c79d4-96d2-4a97-857e-beba23785199_zps821b6a16.jpg
There are some lovely views and my pictures do not do it justice.
 photo e035f900-2aad-4194-8b34-e85c1d30bb94_zps770bbac0.jpg
Look at the April, would you believe.
 photo 77c11a04-136c-41c3-bc6c-75fec08f93cc_zpsf0f44e90.jpg
No flowers yet, but maybe next week. If next week is as nice we can go for another walk. The view from the top of the Moraine is spectacular. It was hazy and so I could not capture it quite well enough on film.
 photo b3f53ab3-1216-4130-a141-95f09a9d9c87_zps45818b40.jpg

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Garden yesterday, April 24th................

We finally spent a day outside. Woo was wonderful. My ex son in law bought us a load of mulch and helped my husband pull out all the shrubs under our front window. This year I want to redo the whole of the front yard. Well, we got the mulch down. I moved the bird feeders to under the apple tree. I am going to buy some chairs to sit out there and take pictures. I need to do all the trimming next, cut off all the dead stuff. The daffodils are budding and maybe today, if the sun comes out, they will open up. We had snow again last night. It will melt though once the sun decides to stay out.
Meanwhile a surprise...........I was taking a picture of my fish. I had two........well I have three. For the longest time we only saw the two and was so happy to see they made it through winter. What a lovely surprise to find we have one more. They are growing nicely too.
 photo 108_1128a_zps5256eaf3.jpg
Look how big they are
 photo 108_1109a_zpse94a5820.jpg

The boy fountain is just going to be a birdbath this year. He splashes and drys out to quickly. The birds still love him anyway and the Cardinal was enjoying a drink.
 photo cardjpg_zps97bc2a54.jpg
The other birds continue to enjoy the feeder. I have also got some plates that my friend found at a garage sale for free............I am using those as bird baths. One I put on the table next to the feeders and the other on a stand.
 photo birdsjpg_zps187c5ec3.jpg
I will paint the stand and it makes a great bird bath don't you think?
 photo c1ae03f4-8fcf-4dce-899e-e6c8a4515dea_zps67c7f5a1.jpg
I had a rather unusual visitor last evening. I have never seen a small red squirrel here in town before. How cute he is. Will have to be sure that one does not get in the attic.
 photo b328f6c3-f4fa-4c8d-a8d7-e666c60aee2d_zpsd70e1e22.jpg
He is either a baby grey squirrel or a red squirrel who are smaller.........time will tell. I have never seen a grey with so much red on it.
 photo 61508e3e-acd8-4ebf-92e6-5f20d2814018_zps25686831.jpg
Anyway. Today as soon as the snow is melted its back out to work out the front.Set up the fountain and do some trimming and clean up. I should have some pictures later.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring, can it be?.......

Well it did snow today but it has gone now at the end of the day. The icey snow piles have dwindled somewhat and about time too. Tomorrow promises to be sunny the weatherman says.
Meanwhile, some of my Spring flowers are popping their heads up only slightly mind.

 photo bd93a1c8-2c66-4446-b574-3c4e1aaf53c9_zps368cb88a.jpg
Even the daffodils are reluctant and who can blame them.
 photo 97b8e34c-e716-4f29-a435-d40cc86f2ca7_zpsbf1ef46a.jpg
My pond has been cleaned of surface debri but still needs a good clean out. We have both fish. They survived the winter. I hope that they will do well all summer.
 photo a0a2fca8-8c21-4a8b-844e-e636c57da5d0_zps1ce078df.jpg

The birds are still coming to the feeders. This little finch was singing so sweet.
 photo c97f0596-3386-42cb-98bb-eb3a0205aa21_zpsba16ae22.jpg

 photo 86980f36-fad3-487a-b22e-537252d4c814_zps727fb640.jpg

The rain was nice. It looked nice on the pine trees.
 photo e2526948-080f-4a37-ab0f-7326a0c5f048_zpseeed2217.jpg
The rain drops were so fresh hanging on the pines like diamonds.
 photo 269f92cc-d8c9-4955-ba4b-9da4ee974503_zps0e969439.jpg

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Showers.......

Is it April?
The sky is grey
A Winters day's really April

The sky is blue
It snowing too
Yes it's April?.

The sun comes out
but don't cast a clout
It really is only April.
JKS 2013

 photo e3f091cc-2914-4b8b-bec8-041ba3c55be7_zps59b39f83.jpg


 photo 5484f7d4-f3cc-4841-83f7-66671aede5f5_zpse525357d.jpg

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another Snowy Day...........

Here it is April 13th. It's supposed to be Spring. I am supposed to have my plants in by now. Oh I know.......our season begins at the end of May, but if I wait that long we have no season. I mean September ends it, snows anytime after that. Although if we are lucky not till November.
Anyway.........We had just about started to see the beginning of Spring popping through the ground and it was covered again with snow. Well actually ice. Can you believe the kids have snow days in April.
Here are a few pictures. This Robin says it all.............

 photo c84b4d56-5ad7-47f0-9571-34381f1bcb6b_zps2b83a201.jpg
He had been looking up the back garden by the garage where the snow is pulling back from the foundations. Slim pickings I am sure. He came to check the feeder but didn't stay. I put out some dried cherries and nuts. I said HE but bet He is a She........looks full of eggs. She will be nesting soon if she can get enough to eat.

 photo e8502d60-f641-4a0e-8151-ae8847e2cbd4_zpsbb7ca4e0.jpg

The Chickadees like the new feeder. The squirrels keep taking the top off. Must find a way to fix that
 photo a58024c6-5616-4eb7-87f5-b706a681bb4f_zps39392339.jpg

Now this chap.....we had a thing going yesterday

 photo 5096d6e4-1e97-428a-9be1-b19c75f725e9_zps1ab6c3f3.jpg

I would chase him away, He would come back. Sneak around the fence and pop up.....I would chase him again.

 photo 2c79e235-8de5-4b6d-bf58-6d951a9af716_zps6153271a.jpg

He would get back on the feeder. Now I don't mind them getting a share but they eat so much if they are left to it. The birds need some too. Here he is honing in on the dried cherries and nuts.

 photo 055da7c2-41ad-40ca-919a-41016fca3fbf_zps50bf0527.jpg

These little ones need some too.

 photo e42cd40f-15fd-49ca-a48a-8bfe3fa71f79_zpsf896eb2d.jpg

This little chap decided to just use the other feeder instead. They don't like the squirrels though because sometimes they chase the birds.

 photo 523e942d-3183-44d1-bf57-fec4d2f036d7_zps6dae1ebe.jpg

Here you see 4 of the black squirrels. One is a baby and it tries to get in where it can. Must be one of the last of the Fall babies, it's too big for this years brood.

 photo e6d82f52-4b67-43d1-9046-619ab369900e_zps5c4ddd20.jpg
Cute they may be.......but very hungry

 photo c15cb37e-033b-4a5a-af8c-7f8e0226a8f3_zpscf063057.jpg

Well soon they will have all sorts of other things to eat and will leave my birds alone. Probably make a start on Bud next doors tulips and he will blame me for feeding them all winter. (Smile)

Thursday, April 11, 2013


 photo 108b5812-ae71-4993-8b11-2f76f17f073e_zps77a8a08c.jpg

They are at my feeder every they went vegetarian and were eating the buds on the trees. They will be after the tulips as soon as they show up. My neighbour Bud will begin his war on squirrels. I should be grateful but well, I like the little beggers. I must say though that they are a pest lately because there are so many of them. This one was on the next branch of the same tree.....must be tasty

 photo fc3fab44-cbe4-4bd6-87cf-50832b42af62_zps411fc97f.jpg

Meanwhile on the deck below, two more were competing for the sunflower seeds. Less work I suppose,

 photo 868df2a7-7bf2-4285-9356-86f84ae81666_zps8a326beb.jpg

Meanwhile two more were in the garden under the Burning bush waiting to see if I was going to chase them off. I couldn't be bothered much to the disappointment of the birds awaiting their turn

 photo 7de1ad20-ffb6-48c7-acaf-84854361bd5c_zps9e0689bc.jpg

Yes that's snow on the ground. Snowed and froze yesterday, actually had a snow day when a school bus went in the ditch at 5am. A snow day in April, good grief. It was a terrible day. Today is just plain cold but so far no snow, but it wont melt at this rate.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013


 photo b90d1534-304b-4925-a4e8-496f4eeca80a_zpsfaea5c27.jpg

I saw the snowdrops peeping through
The sun is out and the sky is blue.
Snow drifts shrink before the sun
The lovely month of April has come.

 photo 572ec2c8-7296-46e2-84fd-98cf48b41a0d_zpsff0e1302.jpg

The Pansies heads are drooping down
But will gather strength as the sun hits the ground.
The birds are singing with full heart
As the watch Winters veil depart
 photo 0efdc90d-f2f8-49db-ab19-5e64f2fde8f9_zpsaddb2e17.jpg

Oh the joy of seeing the garden again
It's been buried since? I don't know when.
Little buds push through the earth
Spring.....the season of rebirth.
 photo f844100b-16d2-4e0c-b043-8b50fad13050_zps6df2372b.jpg
JKS 2013

A new Spring poem I wrote after looking at my garden yesterday..................
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