This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rain, then snow, then freeze............


The wet branches hold wet snow. If it freezes tonight I bet there will be lines down, branches broken by the overladen wet snow. My front archway will probably topple over under the weight but for now its pretty.


The front pines were just sagging


Across the road the pines were sagging there too.


I just hope the wind doesn't pick up or those wires across the road will also be sagging, its going to be a saggy night.


My front garden looks very sad.........everything is resting, waiting for Spring.


The grapevines on the deck are shelter for all the little birds who wait their turn when the squirrels or larger birds are feeding.


Well this is tonight, we will see what tomorrow brings.......................

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Had to get out of the house................

Its been so cold, so wet with snow and then windy on top of that. So today it had sort of stopped for awhile and so we took Tristen down to Logans Landing again. We just wanted to get him out to run (sort of like a puppy, he needed to run)free for awhile.
Run he did......while I looked for wild fowl.
I really wanted to go and see if there were any good pictures. I missed out on the misty day so was hoping for something good today.
The Swans were looking pretty, one was napping.
There were plenty of ducks, and the Mallards are always busy and pretty and they certainly were busy.
This one I had to look up and I think it may be a Bufflehead.

This one I could not find either.... there are so many kind of like it. I think its a golden eye........

The Swan kept a close eye on me because I was getting close to the water............I was knee deep in the snow. In my shoes I might add (and no socks)my feet got rather wet.
I remember going down to Logans Landing for lunch when I was working. I had just got out of the car and a bunch of Swans came in to land,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I swear one of them about parted my hair. All I saw was the pads of it's big feet as it just skimmed over me and landed on the ice in the parking lot.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's cold it's cold............

Today in the garden. It has been very cold, the temperatures have been in the single digits with wind chills in the -12 regions. I have been feeding the birds non stop. The squirrels have been coming in herds it seems. Is there such a thing as a herd of squirrels or a pack? Well there have been 8 at least, 7 black and one grey.
The birds keep coming but have to wait while they eat. All except the Chickadees who are not intimidated by anyone.
I went out in the snow and took a few pictures '
It was so snowy and so cold it was hard to distinguish things one from another. I did find just a few pretty things though.
These seed pods below look like soldiers in their bearskin hats.


The bamboo looks does not loose its leaves.


The snow is wet and heavy. It looks lovely on the pines across the road from us.


Down the street, the wind is blowing and it's below zero in the wind. My ears are freezing by now but....... so much beauty out there.



A watery sun trying to break through, if the sun comes out it will be spectacular
The Mourning Dove is dozing in the tree, she is waiting for the Starlings to finish. Then she will take her turn........some days the doves dont care, they mingle in among the others. I put out so much food none of the local birds can possibly be starving so she can afford to wait.


I think I refill at least a couple of times a day and throw out popcorn and bread, so no one goes hungry in this neighbourhood.

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Friday, January 18, 2013


I have been trying to encourage the Starlings to come in and feed. Finally got a flock that has come two days in a row. They should, I have put out good stuff for them.
Why don't people like them? They are pretty birds and gregarious, squabbling and chattering. They are sort of mean to each other though...........certainly will fight for the best portion of food.
{Starlings have diverse and complex vocalizations, and have been known to embed sounds from their surroundings into their own calls, including car alarms, and human speech patterns. The birds can recognize particular individuals by their calls, and are currently the subject of research into the evolution of human language.} That quote is from Wikipedia and I include that because I did not know that. I knew that Magpies and Crows did immitations but not Starlings.
Waiting for dinner..............

The Starling has wonderful patterns on his feathers. Take a close up look....

Every feather is tipped or edged with a contrast colour


When one finds something special he can not keep it to himself to enjoy...........his flock mates barge in and take what they can


Other birds seem to stay out of the way of the Starlings. So I put their food on the floor so the small birds can still get to the feeders. Sometimes it works. Chickadees will take on a Blue Jay so these don't bother those feisty little things.

The poor things were so cold. I can not imagine how their poor feet must feel.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Frosty morning........

The windows on my van this morning......very pretty. My husbands truck (snicker) the handle was frozen and came off in his hand. It was 10 degrees by the time he left for work at 8.30am. Not sure of overnight but it was pretty nippy.



I wish I could get a good picture of how the snow sparkles in the sun.

It was truly beautiful. Like someone had sprinkled diamonds on the bushes.
Bodi found a spot of sun, sat down and got back up right quick....think it was a tad cold on the old bottom.
Not much activity out there until it began to warm up. I wonder what the critters do to keep warm. The Chickadees were fluffed and busy flitting too and fro, I suppose just to keep warm. There is plenty of food to keep them going though. I think I better put some fat out tomorrow. Peanut butter on an apple is popular.

Meanwhile these berries were looking bright against the snow and sun.

The sky was a wonderful blue with white fluffy clouds

Frosty Morning
by Marilyn Knowles Wilke
Created on: December 02, 2010

Frosty mornings glimmer,
tiny lights from winter dew;
casting glints of shiny highlights,
upon colors or clear through.

Glazed sheets of icy splendor,
crunching crisp beneath our shoes;
peeping sun light glows upon it,
lighting of creation's fuse.

Icy sheen upon green pastures,
hiding blades of greenish hue;
once a field of feasting cattle,
now of glassy frozen dew.,

Frosty morning coldly greets us,
sliding shoes before a fall;
brings about unusual laughter,
God's creation, frost and all.

Rachel McNaughton.....Frosty Morning.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Logans Landing..............

Logans Landing is a small park and shops on the Boardman River where it joins Boardman Lake. We took Tristen there yesterday to give him a run and tire him out. I had forgotten my camera. That was a shame because it had been raining and was misty on the lake and the trees were hung with drops of water. It was incredible for good pictures and I seldom go out without it. The stop was not planned it was spur of the moment.
Tristen had fun and didn't want to leave, but it was cold and windy, I bribed him with the promise of hot chocolate and a cookie. I told him we would go back we did.


The ducks and swans were still there, but there was no pretty mists playing around the lake today.


We started off where we were yesterday and he beat up the same snow ball that he found before, but was disappointed to find the puddles were not so big.......


We walked along the paths that today were free of snow. He met a lady with a dog. He could not resist in making friends.

Then he hit the mother load.


All the snow on the grass had melted overnight


He got soaked. He wore his froggie boots and had a blast, I mean he ran through the water and jumped, fell at least once that I saw and just had a great time. It was cold out but not like yesterday. The wind was not so strong and we are not that far from the park so I was not worried.


He ran every which way..........

I called him to come on back to the car........


He found water along the way but alas did not want to leave.Granddad had to capture and buckle him in


The noise was overpowering

We got home (a sucker shut him up) and he had to strip and lucky thing, we were doing laundry everything was wet. Water poured out of the boots. He was very helpfull (eye roll here) and got the mop. He is dangerous with the mop or broom for that matter.


A nice warm bath while I got him some lunch got him away from that. Spagetti Os and buttered toast.



No fuss here, he ate just about all of it
He had a great day and was happy the rest of the day. With luck he will sleep well tonight.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Poodles in Winter...........

My poodles enjoy the snow in small doses. They get cold quickly because they have short hair. This year they have not needed their coats. They lay on a pile of blankets with a heater under it all. The cat still spends a good part of the day outside but comes in for a long nap in the warm (on a heating vent) but still insists on going out. Sometimes she goes out with the poodles.

Its hard to tell Brea and Bella apart unless they are next to each other. So this is one of them and Bijou (white) out for their morning constitution. Its probably Brea because those two are thick as thieves when it comes to going outside
Bodicea thinking of coming back in. She hates the steps.

Bella thinking of going back to have a bark with the others.

105_0203a yelling "Get your fuzzy butt back in here" Bijou saying "What?"

Three packages of trouble


Then to settle down for a nap


So this event took place a few days ago.




Cats can be so cruel..............

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